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What if you could make decisions that really empower you? I invite you to learn how to put your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) into Action,  so you can take optimal decisions combining thinking and emotions.  Based on  neuroscience latest research, emotional intelligence skills are measurable, learnable and have been globally recognized like the “one” 21st century skill to possess:  EQ can and will improve your balance, health  and  leadership strengths.  

I am grateful to have been able to assist hundreds of individuals, families, students and diverse organizational teams  in learning how to develop their emotional intelligence, how to maximize their inner strengths and how to deal with stress resulting in amazing results and  improvements in their physical and professional performance.

Take a tour of our site and discover that how it is possible to achieve peak performance through Edulife Consulting neuroscience based training programs and personalized coaching.

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Fiorella Velarde, M.S, M.Ed, EQPC, EQAC