Mission Statement

EduLife Transformational Skills, LLC is a premier human-capital initiative that empowers children, adults, and organizational teams to tap into their emotional intelligence (EQ) through science-based programs that can enable them to live a balanced, purposeful life.


We firmly believe that all individuals have unlimited potential for leading healthy and balanced lifestyles. Our goal is to assist others in the active management of the rigors of their day-to-day life so they can thrive in life and build a more peaceful and emotionally intelligent society.

       My Story

Edulife Transformational Skills Founder & Trainer Fiorella Velarde
Edulife’s founder & trainer Fiorella Velarde

Before I learned about HeartMath® tools and techniques, I was a very different person. I was desperately seeking palliatives and any hope to alleviate a devastating chronic illness, and I was ultimately confronted to look at the consequences of the stress and emotional unbalanced lifestyle that I was leading. That self-assessment forced me to turn inward and search for answers, not only to physical symptoms but, more importantly, to the root and causes of my emotional and physical suffering. Then, the amazing healing power of my intuitive heart – the true source of positive emotions – was revealed to me.

With baby steps first, like a small child, I learnt to awake, explore, and sustain my resilience. I was able to experience it, little by little, and harness that inner strength and energy that comes directly from the center of my chest. This is called Intelligent Self-Regulation, and if you have a heart and you can breath, Intelligent Self-Regulation is as available to you as it was to me when I needed it.

Now, the journey was difficult. Some lights of hope shone in, but there were some steps backward into darkness. In the end, with practice and self-love, I regained my vitality and hope. I also had aimed for a more balanced and coherent state of everyday living, with less drama and much more love and harmony. My overall health improved, and my mental functions seemed to flourish again. I realized that I was able to sense my mental clarity and focus anew – that my purpose and my creativity were once again there for me!

When you receive such a magnificent gift from life, you get inspired by gratitude. That new chance fed my decision to serve other people, from children to teenagers to those of you that are part of large organizational teams. I am truly committed to empower you into finding a healthier and more joyful way to lead your life. As a Certified HeartMath® mentor and trainer, I feel grateful to  provide my clientes with effective, tailored techniques that actually work. I am motivated by passion, by compassionate love, and by the understanding that in spite of our busy lives and challenges, we are all capable of learning how to lead happy and meaningful lives.

I’m still on the road of Intelligent Self-Regulation everyday, keeping an eye on my chronic condition, my emotions, my thoughts, and anything that life throws at me. The difference is now I understand I will never be a victim of circumstances again. No illness, heartbreak, or misfortune will be enabled to break me down because I have built a reservoir of resilience and self-love that can withstand just about everything with revamped situational awareness, calm, and a sense of unwavering optimism.

In the end, you may be thinking that not every pain fades so easily from our existence, and, unfortunately, that is true. However, every day, life confronts us with the choice of what to make from our circumstances, to decide whether to feel helpless about it or to be emotionally intelligent about it. Stress, anxiety, emotional strife, or chronic illness are all different ugly but necessary faces of human learning and growth.

I have had the honor of serving amazing individuals and groups who have shared their struggle and goals with me. I am grateful to my heart, for it has given me the strength and the confidence to facilitate this learning to others. When I completed my Trainer Certification at the Institute of Heartmath, it was so evident that a change of heart changes everything around us.

What a very truthful statement.

I can see that possibility materialize in our own lives, permeating all of our meaningful relationships and even our standing as caring and coherent human beings on this planet. Everyday, at anytime.


With Love and Compassion,

Fiorella Velarde, M.S. M.Ed