Techniques for Heart-Based Parenting is a program inspired in the successful Heartmath® techniques for increasing personal resilience and effectiveness so much needed for modern parenting.

Resilient Family

~Learn to increase your resilience baseline and boost your energy levels
~ Improve the quality of your parenting experience
~Learn how to efficiently self regulate your body’s responses to stress, anxiety and frustration.
~Create a more emotionally balanced environment for yourself and your loved ones.


• Increased resilience baseline and overall performance.
• Superior sense of wellbeing and deeper connection with your loved ones.
• Boosted vitality and decreased stress physical and mental symptoms: less fatigue and better sleep.
• Improved brain performance: enhanced clarity and focus to see things creatively.
• Increased self-regulation, composure and coping during challenging situations.
• Enhanced situational awareness, communication and decision-making.
• Real-time biofeedback measurements and tons of strategies to work with.

**Materials and biofeedback included**

For registration over the phone, please call (561) 393-7995 or register using The City of Boca Raton website You will need to register as a resident of Boca Raton or if you’re not a resident, you will need also a user id & password.


Wednesdays 6:30-8:30pm

Class code           112412-A2            9/28- 10/19
Class Code          112413-A3             10/26- 11/16


Heartmath® is a registered trademark of the Institute of Heartmath. 

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