I recently got my work featured on the MOMpreneur section at Modern Boca Moma wonderful website created by mompreneurs for other moms with the purpose of inform and inspire – I would say very much- so many other women out there who are trying to balance family and professional life. But, the MOMpreneur label adds an additional element to this combination of passion and purpose: Resilience. 


You bet.

Resilience is what keeps you trying and trying to get that business even in the days where motivation is running low, you feel drained because of externalities that are beyond your control or you are forced to drive in the slow lane rather than the express one…

One fundamental component of resilience is Adaptability, also describe as the ability to be flexible and embrace new and creative thinking ( read, over and over) as needed. So, this is what I found perplexing about our duality when it comes to be able to get unstuck from old patterns and behavioral scripts to jump that leap into a new situation with the best possible attitude solution. 

This has to do with how the brain works, of course. As it turns that the brain picks and chooses what items is willing to let go based on “mental scripts” or behavioral scripts that are automated reactions to many of the things we do throughout the day. Quite an efficient way to react quickly, move around faster and spending less energy! This strategy, unfortunately has a down size. According to Laurence Gonzales, “Everyday Survival: Why Smart People do Stupid Things” author,  we make mistakes when we work from a mental script that does not match the requirements of real-world situations. Since mental scripts influence our thinking, feeling and reacting to external new stimuli is important to come up with an exit-strategy that allows you to peek “out of the box” to distinguish between observations and inference ( Check The Agile Leader: Adaptability, Bruna Martinuzzi).

MOMpreneurs, I have to say, seem to be willing to a greater degree of being bold about change and adapting to fluctuating situations. Even, some of us who favor going “by the book” in most situations, possess the ability to deal more positively with change and/or shift priorities to stay on track. And these skills are relevant to resilience, because it takes resolve, courage and strength to move with intention even when you are venturing into new territories. 

My work helping others strength their resilience, has helped enormously in becoming also more resilient myself, not only in business but also more open to toss away some mental scripts that were holding me back for decades.

And it goes deeper and better, it gets.

You bet.


P.D. Here is the link to the article on    mbm_mobileheader



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