Heart Coherence


Every life has its challenge. Every heart has an answer.

This is the amazing true I’ve discovered utilizing effective research based tools in my own journey. 

It is a fact that emotions are part of us being human; without them our existence would be deprived of real meaning and joy. Perhaps you have probably already heard that emotions are neither bad nor good, and you’re absolutely right on track! Emotions do, however have a renewing or depleting effect on our physiology, therefore affecting our performance in significant ways.

Imagine living your life to its fullest by learning how to avoid those unnecessary energy leaks that often leave you drained, emotionally exhausted and totally out of balance…

Imagine, just for a second, how much in control you will be by increasing your self-awareness about your own sources of stress and energy drains while learning simple but proven tools for resilience building. Indeed, applying effective self regulation tools will impact your quality of life enormously, by teaching you to plug your energy leaks, recharge and make more effective choices.


We cannot control what life throws at us, but we can certainly learn to live fuller and better using tools and techniques that really work

Our Wellness Proposition

We are committed to guide and mentor our clients using a combination of the hottest cutting edge knowledge and tools from the latest research in Neuroscience, Positive Psychology and Emotional Intelligence. Our repertoire includes  HeartMath® emotional regulation tools and Six Seconds, The Emotional Intelligence Network vast repertoire of strategies for personal and professional development using E.Q.  Whether you are dealing with chronic illness or feel stuck in your personal or professional life, our mission is bring you the empowerment you deserve to achieve happiness and self fulfillment.


Who do we serve?

We are proud to serve individual, couples or family group consulting and coaching for executive and organizational teams. Entrepreneurs, professionals in stressful industries: medical care, real estate, insurance, banking and sales benefit from our packages because they really work!


Our Packages

Heartmath® Resilience Coaching

Positive Psychology Coaching 

Resilience Mentoring for Children and Teenagers

Organizational Teams


How it Works?

We suggest starting with a FREE Discovery session. This gives you an opportunity to talk about your interest, see if this kind of intervention is what you are looking for and very importantly, it allows you to see if we  are “fit” as client and trainer. Once you decide to move forward and work with me, we will go over which package makes more sense to you and we will proceed and schedule our first session.


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Experience and Credentials:

  • Certified Heartmath® Stress Resilience Trainer and Coach
  • Certified E.Q Practitioner, Six Seconds, The Emotional Intelligence Network
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program, Duke Integrative Medicine
  • Professional educator, business intelligence trainer and instructional designer.
  • Experienced key-note speaker and group facilitator locally and internationally.
  • B.A/M.A in International Relations, FIU
  • Psychology, specialization Positive Psychology, Walden University
  • Master in Education, University of Wisconsin Stout




*HeartMath is a registered trademark of the Institute of HeartMath. Coaching fees are often tax-deductible for people who use coaching to improve business and professional skills. Check with your accountant or CPA for details.



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