Would you like to improve your reaction times, coordination and situational awareness?

Would your like to enjoy of better long-term and short-term memory?

Would you want to increase your ability to focus, process information, solve problems and make decisions?

Would you like to learn how to extrapolate the “drama” out of situations?


If you answer yes, to any (or all) of these questions above, you are a tiny step closer in regaining control of your life and accessing you intuitive intelligence. 


Through HeartMath® Mentoring, you will be challenged to attain a higher degree of intelligent emotional self-regulation and to gain competence in using HeartMath® tools, techniques and technology to achieve your goals. Whether you experience anger, frustration and anxiety or suffer from chronic pain or stress related conditions, we can design a plan that suits your unique needs or you can choose from one of our current tracks:


 Heartmath® is a unique combination of leading-edge science, practical information, and easy-to-use techniques and technology that give access to the intelligence and power of the heart and emotional self-management. Practical interventions enable you to reduce stress and emotional turmoil, while enhancing your health and personal effectiveness. The Institute of HeartMath research on stress, intuition, stress and emotional physiology has been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals and presented at numerous scientific conferences worldwide. HeartMath tools for stress relief and emotional management are being used by companies, government institutions, the military, hospitals, clinics and schools. Learn more about Heartmath® here.



HeartMath® tools and techniques taught on these programs have been shown to reduce:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • fatigue
  • sleeplessness
  • generalized stress
  • physical symptoms of stress


During coaching, I will work with you in helping you identify your sources of stress and energy drains. Secondly, I will teach you and guide you through practice of the tools and techniques to attain a more coherent state, a point where you can make better choices for your and your loved ones. So, you will learn how to break old habits, build resilience from within so you can deal with those accumulated emotions that overwhelm your ability of leading a free and healthy life.


Keep in mind that committed and regular practice of these techniques is required in order to break those old patterns and sustain true change that allow you to become empowered and reach all or several of the objectives of this program.


The content taught on any of these programs has been shown to provide a wide range of long-term benefits, including increased:

  • personal resilience
  • vitality
  • overall well-being
  • mental clarity for decision-making
  • emotional awareness
  • sensitivity to relational issues
  • ability to maintain composure in challenging situations


It is important that you realize that HeartMath® system is not a relaxation system, but rather it is a science-based program designed to help you improve your brain/mental functions so you can deal with everything life throws at you in an efficient way. 

At the end of this program, you can be able to:


  • Identify depleting stress reactions that affect their health, performance and well-being.
  • Neutralize and replace stressful reactions that erode health and mental and emotional composure and resilience.
  • Regain vitality by stopping energy drains.
  • Increase their ability to think clearly and find more efficient solutions to problems.
  • Incorporate HeartMath’s emWave technology into personal practice (optional).
  • Observe and identify personal benefits gained from applying self-regulation skills.
  • Increase their ability to sustain coherence and composure in challenging situations.
  • Prep before potentially stressful or challenging situations.
  • Increase awareness of and sensitivity to relational issues.
  • Successfully reset by shifting their physiology and reestablishing coherence and composure after stress triggers or incidents.

Protocol for HeartMath® Mentoring

During individual sessions, we first will go over your areas of concern and guide through HeartMath’s easy-to-learn, easy-to-use tools and technology. It is recommended that you follow a protocol of four sessions as it is the time that it will take you in getting familiar with new theoretical knowledge and practice. I will be there for you throughout your journey!


Our suggested packages include the following:

  • (4) 60-min  sessions of personalized instruction customized according to your specific needs.
  • FAQ & Instructions on how to use HeartMath technology (emWave® Pro, emWave2or Inner Balance™)
  • Guidebook and materials included.
  • Sessions can be delivered via Skype , Google+ hangout or via phone. I would also meet with you if you happen to be near my location. Please leave me a message here.
  • Access to HeartCloud™ platform, where you can save records of your practice and check on your progress in a visual friendly way. With HeartCloud, you can synch of your session data and tracks activity, history, journaling, notifications, awards, access to advanced training and much more…

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