Resilience Advantage


Premium One on One Coaching

Thrive is designed to help you moving forward and accelerating your momentum for dramatic impact on your goals. Materialize your vision or get yourself to act on issues or circumstances that are generating stress and grief in your life. Thrive utilizes  neuroscience research-based effective strategies to guide into deeper self-awareness and real integration of newly acquired knowledge and emotional intelligence skills. During 12-weeks, I will support you getting effective change in your life from the inside out.


  • 90-min Initial Strategy Session
  • Four 60-min sessions in Month 1
  • Three 60-min sessions in Month 2 PLUS one STRATEGY REVIEW Session
  • Two 60-min sessions in Month 3
  • Heartmath® Heart Coherence Guided Practice in every session
  • Personalized assignments tailored to your unique goals.
  • Monitor progress with E.Q assessments/tools every month. ($120 VALUE)
  • Unlimited email support (Value: $400)
  • Short calls when needed
  • 40% discount for admission to my events in your area.
  • Minimum 3-month commitment required.

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Heart & Brain Booster Kit

On the go great value

The Heart & Brain Booster Kit is ideal for individuals who desire to enjoy the benefits of coaching but are more limited on time or budget. Ideal for self-starters or individuals who may have a previous experience with coaching but need a solid plan (and someone holding space for them) to integrate new skills into their daily life.


The Heart & Brain Booster Kit includes:

  • 30-min Initial Strategy Session ($120 VALUE)
  • Three 60-min sessions a month.
  • Unlimited email support and short calls when needed. ($220 VALUE)
  • One E.Q assessment. ($60 VALUE)
  • 40% discount for admission to my events in your area.
  • Minimum 3-month commitment required.

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Stress Resilience Warrior

The Heartmath® Solution for Chronic Health Challenges


Tired of seeing doctors and experiencing lots of symptoms that may or may not correspond to a clear diagnosis?

It’s hard to focus on the wonderful experience of being alive when you deal with pain and fatigue 24/7 and have no idea of what is happening to your body. Dealing with an autoimmune chronic condition is physically and mentally exhausting. Helpless and vulnerable, you even feel betrayed by your body, utterly fearing that your dreams and hopes might have slipped away forever.

This package is designed having in mind your unique needs as a whole person, including your unique situation, lifestyle, goals and experiences and more importantly, acknowledging your special health circumstances with compassion and respect.

As someone who has transited this long (and often) solitary journey, I understand the impact that chronic illness bears on your ability to live your life to the fullest, rather than merely survive. I understand your dreams and your anxiety in overcoming illness, so you can be freed to take care of your loved ones and enjoy just being you once again.

My commitment to you is to work together in bringing your whole system brain & heart into balance using the latest cardiac coherence and stress building techniques from the Institute of Heartmath® and cutting edge Positive Psychology tools that will empower you.

Stress Resilience Warrior is also available in group coaching format. Contact me for investment information and information about ongoing groups in your community.